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QTEC provides real-time and placement oriented Power BI Training in online training, online training. Our Power BI Training course includes basic to advanced level and our Power BI Training course is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in online training as soon as you complete the Power BI Training in online training from our institute.

Our Power BI Training in online training trainers are certified in Power BI Training in online training technology and are experienced working professionals with hands-on real-time Power BI Training in online training project exposure. We have designed our Power BI Training in online training course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our Power BI Training in online training, online training training program, you will learn all the advanced concepts based on real-time scenarios we provide job oriented Power BI Training in online training placement training.

QTEC offers Power BI Training in online training training with choice of multiple training locations across online training. Our Power BI Training in online training, online training training centres are well equipped with advanced lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide Power BI Training in online training certification training. Through our associated Power BI Training in online training training centres, we have trained more than 500+ students and provided placement. Our Power BI Training in online training training course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. Power BI Training in online training which provides the training course in online training is flexible to meet students’ needs and conducted on daytime classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast-track training classes.

QTEC provides real-time Power BI Online Training. We Provide 100% Placement Assistance and ensures that each and every student gets all kind of support from us.

Power BI Online Training Course Content

  Quick Start Power BI Service

                Get Power BI Tools         

                Introduction to Tools and Terminology  

                Dashboard in Minutes  

                Refreshing Power BI Service Data             

                Interacting with your Dashboards            

                Sharing Dashboards and Reports              

                Recap and What's Next

  Getting and Transforming Data with Power BI Desktop

                Introduction to Power BI Desktop            

                Getting Data Excel vs Power BI Desktop & Service             

                Data Structure for Q&A

                DirectQuery vs Import Data        

                Recap and What's Next

  Modeling with Power BI

                Introduction to Modeling

                Setup and Manage Relationships

                Cardinality and Cross Filtering

                Default Summarization & Sort by

                Creating Calculated Columns

                Creating Measures & Quick Measures

                Recap and What's Next


  Power BI Desktop Visualisations

                Creating Visualisations  

                Color Formatting             

                Setting Sort Order           

                Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis        


                Slicers, Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers     

                Cross Filtering and Highlighting 

                Visual, Page and Report Level Filters       

                Drill Down/Up  


                Reference/Constant Lines           

                Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting           

                KPI's, Cards & Gauges   

                Map Visualizations         

                Custom Visuals 

                Managing and Arranging              


                Custom Report Themes

                Grouping and Binning    

                Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons    

                Recap and What's Next

  Power BI Service Visualisation Tools


                Standalone Tiles              

                Data Driven Alerts          

                Quick and Related Insights          

                Custom Q&A questions

  Publishing and Sharing


                Sharing Options Overview           

                Publish from Power BI Desktop 

                Publish to Web

                Share Dashboard with Power BI Service

                Workspaces and Apps (Power BI Pro)     

                Content Packs (Power BI Pro)     

                Print or Save as PDF       

                Row Level Security (Power BI Pro)            

                Export Data from a Visualization

                Publishing for Mobile Apps         

                Export to PowerPoint    

                Sharing Options Summary           

  Refreshing Datasets

                Understanding Data Refresh      

                Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and -bit Windows)        

                Replacing a Dataset        

                Troubleshooting Refreshing       

  Power BI and Excel Together

                Options for Publishing from Excel             

                Pin Excel Elements to Power BI  

                Connect to Data using Power BI Publisher/Analyze in Excel           

                Excel  Publish Upload and Export to Power BI      

                Sharing Published Excel Dashboards       


·         Getting Started


·         R Integration (Installation and Configuration)     

·         R Integration (R Scripting Basics)               

·         R Integration (R for Data Cleansing)        

·         R Integration (Check if File Exists)             


·         M Query (The M Syntax)              

·         M Query (#shared)        

·         M Query (M Query Basics)           

·         M Query (Variables and Parameters)     

·         M Query (Expanding Lists)           

·         M Query (M Query Functions)   


·         Advanced Data Modeling (Filtering)        

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Cross-Filtering and Time Intelligence)

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Many to Many with DAX)        

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Creating a Bridge Table))         

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Role Playing Tables with DAX)

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Role Playing Tables without DAX)        

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Mismatched Granularies)       

·         Advanced Data Modeling (Weighted Allocation)


·         Query Folding (Basics)   

·         Query Folding (Beyond the Basics)           


·         xVelocity (Overview)     

·         xVelocity (Vertipaq Analyzer)    

·         xVelocity (Column Cardinality)   

·         xVelocity (Calculated Columns) 


·         Advanced Visualizations (Digital Storytelling)      

·         Advanced Visualizations (Bookmarks)    

·         Advanced Visualizations (Selection Pane)             

·         Advanced Visualizations (Drillthrough)   

·         Advanced Visualizations (Visuals with DAX)         

·         Advanced Visualizations (Custom Visuals)            

·         Advanced Visualizations (Custom Themes)


·         Power BI Administration (Data Refresh Overview)            

·         Power BI Administration (Scheduling Data Refresh)         

·         Power BI Administration (Implementing Row Level Security)       

·         Power BI Administration (Implementing Dynamic Security)          


·         Power BI Embedded      

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