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UiPath Online Training

QTEC provides real-time and placement oriented UI Path training in online training. Our UI Path training course includes basic to advanced level and our UI Path course are designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in online training as soon as you complete the UI Path training in online training from the best institute.

Our UI Path trainers are certified in UI Path technology and are experienced working professionals with hands on real time UI Path project exposure. We have designed our UI Path course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our UI Path training program, you will learn all the advanced concepts based on real-time scenarios we provide job oriented UI Path placement training.

QTEC offers UI Path training with choice of multiple training locations across online training. Our UI Path training centres are well equipped with advanced lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide UI Path certification training. Through our associated UI Path training centres, we have trained more than 500+ students and provided placement. Our UI Path training course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. UI Path training course in online training are flexible to meet students’ needs and conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

QTEC provides real-time UiPath Online Training. We Provide 100% Placement Assistance and ensures that each and every student gets all kind of support from us.

UiPath Online Training Course Content




•        The User Interface

•        Keyboard Shortcuts

•        Updating UI Path Studio

•        Connecting your Project to a Source Control

•        Enabling Tracing

•        Creating a Basic Workflow

•        Introduction to Debugging a Workflow

•        Managing Packages

Types of Workflows

•        Sequences

•        lowcharts

•        State Machines


•        Managing Variables

•        Naming Best Practices

•        The Variables Panel

•        Types of Variables

•        Generic Value Variables

•        Text Variables

•        True or False Variables

•        Number Variables

•        Array Variables

•        Date and Time Variables

•        Data Table Variables


•        Managing Arguments

•        Naming Best Practices

•        The Arguments Panel

•        Using Arguments

•        Imported Namespaces


•        About Imported Namespaces

•        Importing New Namespaces

Control Flow

•        About Control Flow

•        Control Flow Activities

•        The Assign Activity

•        The Delay Activity

•        The Do While Activity

•        The If Activity

•        The Switch Activity

•        The While Activity

•        The For Each Activity

•        The Break Activity


•        About Recording

•        About Recording Types

•        Automatic Recording

•        Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop

•        Example of Automatic Recording with Web

•        Manual Recording

UI Elements

•        About UI Elements

•        UI Activities Properties

•        Input Methods

•        Example of Using Input Methods

•        Output or Screen Scraping Methods

•        Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods

Data Scraping

•        About Data Scraping

•        Example of Using Data Scraping




•        About Selectors

•        Selectors with Wildcards

•        Full Versus Partial Selectors

•        UiPath Explorer

SAP Automation

•        How To Automate SAP Applications

Mainframe and Terminals Automation

•        How to Automate Mainframe and Terminals

 RPA - UI Path Online Training

Web - www.multisoftvirtualacademy.com Email- info@multisoftvirtualacademy.com

Course Modules for RPA - UI Path Online Training:

1. Understanding UiPath

2. Understanding the concept of Workflow

3. Working with Data in UiPath

4. Excel and Datatable Automation

5. Understanding Recording Concepts

6. Understanding Selector Concepts

7. Introduction to UI-Elements I/O

8. Automating Image and Text

9. Automation using Citrix

10. Using UiPath as Mail & Pdf

11. Working with User Events

12. Organizing the complete project using UiPath

13. Understanding Exceptions and Debugging in UiPath

14. Concept of UiPath Orchestrator,

15. Introduction to Front+Back Office Robots

16. Understanding ERP Concepts

17. Understanding Database Concepts in UiPath

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