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QTEC provides real-time and placement oriented  iOS Training in online training, online training. Our iOS Training course includes basic to advanced level and our iOS Training course is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in online training as soon as you complete the iOS Training in online training from our institute.

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iOS Online Training Course Content

iPhone Application Development


 I. Creating and Running a Swift Project in Xcode

1. Xcode IDE overview

2. Creating and using Playgrounds

3. Building and testing programs – the workflow


II. Variables, Constants, and Swift Data Types

1. Variables and Constants

2. Data Types: Ints, Floats, Doubles, Bools and Characters

3. Strings – Literals, Mutability, Interpolation, Concatenation

4. Type Inference & Type-Safety

5. Type Casting

6. Unicode characters in Variable declaration


III. Working with Collection Objects

1. Arrays

i. Array Literals

ii. Creating and Initializing Arrays

iii. Accessing & Modifying Arrays

iv. Iterating over Arrays

v. Assignment and Copy Behavior for Arrays

2. Dictionaries

i. Dictionary Literals

ii. Initializing

iii. Modifying Dictionaries

iv. Iterating over Dictionaries

v. Assignment and Copy Behavior for Dictionaries

3. Sequence Operations

i. map

ii. filter

iii. reduce


IV. Control-Flow

1. Conditionals

i. IF and Ternary Statements, Compound Relationals

ii. Switch Statement – switch with Strings, Range-Matching, Tuples, Value Bindings, WHERE clauses

iii. Control Transfer Statements – Continue, Break, Fallthrough, Return

2. Loops

i. FOR loops, FOR-IN loops, FOR-Condition-Increment

ii. WHILE loops, DO-WHILE loops


V. Writing Classes in Swift

1. Properties

i. Stored Properties – Variable or Constant

ii. Optional Properties

iii. Computed properties – Read/Write, Read-Only

iv. Lazy Properties

v. Property Observers

vi. Type Properties

2. Methods

i. Instance Methods

• init methods – Designated Initializer, Convenience Initializer, Initializer Delegation, Initializer Chaining

• Customizing Initialization

ii. Local and External Parameter Names

iii. The Self keyword

iv. Type Methods


VI. Inheritance

1. Base Classes, Creating Subclasses

2. Overriding Methods & Properties

3. Preventing Overrides


VII. Optionals

1. Forced Unwrapping

2. Optional Binding

3. Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals

4. Optional Chaining


VIII. Functions

1. Basic, Argumented, Variadic Parameters Functions, inout Parameter Value Functions, Curried Functions, Nested Functions,with Default parameter values, with Return types, Returning Multiple/Tuple Types

2. Constant and Variable Parameters

3. Function Types

4. Functions Returning functions


IX. Structures

1. Properties & Methods

2. Memberwise Initializers

3. Mutating Functions

4. Structures vs. Classes

5. Asking Questions about Classes


X. Enumerations

1. Declaration & Creation

2. Matching with Switch Statements

3. Associated Values

4. Raw Values


XI. Generics

1. Generic Functions

2. Generic Types

3. Type Parameters

4. Extending Generic Types

5. Associated Types


XII. Protocols

1. Protocol Declarations and Syntax

2. Property and Methods Requirements

3. Requiring Initializers

4. Protocol Types

5. Swift Standard Library Protocols

6. GeneratorType, SequenceType, CollectionType

7. Protocol Inheritance


XIII. Closures

1. Closure Expressions & Syntax

2. Closure Context Type Inferrence

3. Shorthand Argument Names

4. Trailing Closures


XIV. Debugging

1. Creating Breakpoints

2. Advanced Breakpoints

3. Debugging in LLDB


XV. Memeroy Management – Automatic Reference Counting

1. Weak References

2. Strong References

3. Unowned References





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